The Paradigm Shift

What knowledge is absolutely essential for every learner? This is a fair question to ask any educator for the answer defines the function and purpose of our craft. First and foremost, it is imperative for educators to create an educational environment where every student can succeed in accessing their curriculum and feel safe while learning. With the recent statewide adoption of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) students are expected to think critically, collaborate with one another, tap into their creativity, and utilize effective communication in preparation of college and career readiness. Prior to CCSS students were taught in a teacher centered classroom environment. Being able to come up with the correct answer on an exam was measured as proficient. Now students are expected to explain their thinking through performance task, and having more than one plausible answer is necessary. Since the expected outcomes are so different from what has been asked of teachers and students in the past, delivering instruction will require a complete shift in teaching practice. In these changing times, one essential and common approach for educators is to step forward, unafraid, into CCSS, and find as many resources as possible to learn what they will need to know and do.  Education is no longer defined in terms of what a teacher will teach but rather in terms of what a student will be able to demonstrate. This shift will change the way in which curriculum is defined and technology is used in the classroom.  We will look at embedding technology into teaching strategies for student success as it will guide our youth towards college and career readiness.

“To learn is to change. Education is a process that changes the learner.” – George Leonard


About debraboeve

I am a wife and mother of two boys, ages six and three. I love my job as an Assistant Principal in Southern California. I am currently in a Doctoral program in Educational Leadership. These life pursuits occupy my time, and some days I wish there were more hours in the day. It is important for me to be a life long learner and to be an exemplary role model for my boys. Thus given the time I am not at work or using my time to complete course work, I try my best to afford my family the quality time they deserve. It's all about finding balance while being a life long learner.
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