Digital Natives

Being exposed to the concerns parents and teachers have about kids in the digital age are extremely informative and valuable to shaping responsible, “Digital Natives”.  For educators, this list offers a helpful orientation to parent concerns that may be addressed directly in your parent engagement communication.  See if you identify with any of these concerns:


  1. How much “screen time” is  too much?                                                                         At what point do the harms of digital devices outweigh their benefits? When is it time to disconnect?
  2. How much video game time is too much?                                                                    If left alone, many kids would have no problem spending most of the day building and exploring Minecraft. While this type of gaming does have its benefits, most adults will agree that a day-long gaming marathon is excessive. At what point should you pull the plug on playtime?
  3. Are social skills at risk?                                                                                                       Does excessive screen time cause kids to miss out on learning how to deal with important social scenarios? How harmful is the lack of real, face-to-face interaction to their social development?
  4. How do you ensure safety on the Internet?                                                          How do you protect your children and stay Web-safe without infringing on their browsing privacy?
  5. Is traditional learning at risk?                                                                                       By eliminating the traditional methods of teaching, are their developmental learning tools suffering in some way?
  6. Can kids still find fun without technology?                                                              What happened to the “traditional” ways that kids play? Can kids still independently find amusement, and can we trust them to find creative and productive ways to stay entertained?
  7.  Does social media create “FOMO?”
    A major cause of social stress for children and teenagers is the Fear Of Missing Out, or FOMO. Will the sad feeling of not getting invited to the birthday party be made worse by scrolling through the group selfies from the party on Instagram. How do we avoid this, and how do we deal with it if it arises?


About debraboeve

I am a wife and mother of two boys, ages six and three. I love my job as an Assistant Principal in Southern California. I am currently in a Doctoral program in Educational Leadership. These life pursuits occupy my time, and some days I wish there were more hours in the day. It is important for me to be a life long learner and to be an exemplary role model for my boys. Thus given the time I am not at work or using my time to complete course work, I try my best to afford my family the quality time they deserve. It's all about finding balance while being a life long learner.
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