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I am a wife and mother of two boys, ages six and three. I love my job as an Assistant Principal in Southern California. I am currently in a Doctoral program in Educational Leadership. These life pursuits occupy my time, and some days I wish there were more hours in the day. It is important for me to be a life long learner and to be an exemplary role model for my boys. Thus given the time I am not at work or using my time to complete course work, I try my best to afford my family the quality time they deserve. It's all about finding balance while being a life long learner.

Growing Up Mobile

Today our children know more than we think they know regarding our world of technology. Our children are exposed to an ocean of data, communications, and media.  This generations “digital natives” consume, absorb, and navigate everything in the digital spectrum.  … Continue reading

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Digital Citizenship Means Responsible Use

Technology access in the 21st Century has created an increasing demand to prepare our students to use technology safely, legally, ethically, and socially in our school systems. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship Digital Access: full electronic participation in society … Continue reading

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Digital Citizens in Our Schools

Let’s face it…even good students make bad choices.  Hand a student a marker and he may tag inappropriate words on a desk or inscribe negative comments about a “frienemy” on the bathroom wall. Hand a student a pair of scissors … Continue reading

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Engagement in the 21st Century Classroom-Technology as a Best Practice

In today’s 21st Century classroom the teacher is no longer the deliverer of information but rather serves as a facilitator who sets project goals, provides guidelines and resources, and is actively mobile during student collaboration. Instruction, pedagogy, professional development, students … Continue reading

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Change: The Constant Variable For All

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.” -William Pollard John Kehoe shares 5 keys to change that will assist in … Continue reading

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The 21st Century Student

Twenty-first Century learners are expected to explain their thinking through performance task while having more than one plausible answer. Students must be actively involved in the learning process if their classroom experience is to lead to a deeper understanding and … Continue reading

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Digital Natives

Being exposed to the concerns parents and teachers have about kids in the digital age are extremely informative and valuable to shaping responsible, “Digital Natives”.  For educators, this list offers a helpful orientation to parent concerns that may be addressed … Continue reading

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