Digital Conversion

Shifting from a paper-based world to a primarily digital world in which all students and teachers have access to a personal computing device and the internet at any time is defined as Digital Conversion. This change in schools would support today’s technological demands of 21st century learning. It would affect instruction, pedagogy, professional development, student and teacher motivation, the relationship between teacher and student, and the way information is learned. In August of this year May Valley Elementary School in the Floyd County School District celebrated the launch of its new launch Digital Conversion Program in which Dell Latitude Education Series laptop computers were given to all 5th and 9th grade students, teachers and staff members. Next year more computers will be rolled out to students as the school continues it shift towards Digital Conversion. Prior to students receiving a laptop, parents signed waivers to ensure their children would properly care for the device, and students took an oath and pledging to be “good digital citizens”. With the progression of time it is of great hope to see students accessing an equitable, effective digital learning environment within their school day in order to foster skills needed to be globally competitive adults.


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